Kalle Egholm

Kalle Egholm - Taken at our wedding. A little information about me - Kalle Egholm.

Well - this is me. As you might have guessed already, this picture was taken at our wedding. I do not like it myself, but John seems to like it. I'm 36 years old - a market economist and have a diploma in business administration and marketing. 2005 I startet my own company - ELW. ELW-sitemap.

Like John I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I like to surf around the Internet and/or chatting at IRC.  I also like to use a lot of time at the computer. I use a lot of time watching DVD's - Our DVD Collection.

I could write more, but it will have to wait...... If you want to know anything more just send an e-mail to us.

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John insists, that I show these pictures.... ;-)

Kalle Egholm - age 13 Believe it or not - it's me - Kalle Egholm
Me age 13. Believe it or not - it's me
Me and my dad. (Kaj & Kalle Egholm) Kalle Egholm - laughing

My dad and me - he was pretty cool.

Another one laughing....