Our history

Kalle was working in a department store back in '91 - he was selling towels, bed linen, down comforters, pillows, curtains and stuff like that. John just turned 20 and was going to buy himself a new down comforter, a pillow and a new bath towel. As he entered the store and began looking at the down comforters, he sudddenly spotted Kalle heading towards him. He immediately got nervous - he was still "in", and thought that Kalle was very good-looking.

The next week John decided, that he would go to the youth group at the local gay disco. Kalle entered the room with a friend a few minutes after John. We knew we had seen each other before, but couldn't remember where - suddenly John remembered, and asked if Kalle was the one who had sold him the stuff the week before.

Then we were talking. His friend asked John if he ever had been to Pan (the local gay disco), he said no even though he had been there once. Well, then we can take you this weekend he said. A few minutes later the 3 of us had a date.

Saturday night they both came to visit. We had a lot to drink (well Kalle didn't - he was driving). At some point we started kissing each other. It was so nice - We all headed for the disco, and when we got there we asked Kalle's friend to enter, and we would follow in a few minutes. We walked around the block and went back to John's place. The rest of the night you have to guess yourself.

Wedding picture - August 17th 1996

Kalle moved in within 12 hours..... (He was living app 35 miles away and working here in Aarhus. So he started to "sleep over" every night. First he took some clothes and stuff, then a little more, and finally we decided it was time to move together.) We were very hot and in love with each other. So we got engaged after just two month. (That was a great party!)

Well the time is flying away and now we got married August 17th. 1996.

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