John Egholm

Picture of me - John Egholm A little information about me - John Egholm.

Old picture, but my mother and Kalle says I haven't changed much. The picture was taken on our way to Copenhagen for an unforgettable vacation. I'm 30 and living in Århus - the second largest city of Denmark.

I love to surf the Internet for pictures like the ones you will find in our gallery - less dressed naturally ;-) Otherwise I like to chat with our friends on the net and writing letters to our friends. 

I like to do a 1000 things with my time, but usually there's only time for a few things. I like playing games at the computer, being with my friends and family, spending time in the garden and so on....

Oh... Remember to visir our DVD pages !!!!

There is a lot more to know, but I don't know what to write now, so you will have to send me a mail.